Caroline's Story

For Caroline, buying sanitary towels was very hard. There was no spare money available for such things, so she resorted to using old cloths but this caused her health problems. When Sage in Kenya arrived with its programme in her school, she felt like she had been rescued from a burden and she didn’t have to worry anymore. Having sanitary towels encouraged Caroline to go to school - before Sage in Kenya, if she had bad period pains she would just stay at home but having proper protection helped her to bear the pains as she knew she would not be staining her dress whilst sitting in class. Caroline is so thankful for the help Sage in Kenya gave to her and her friends. When they started their periods they would miss maybe 3-4 days of school per month, the work they missed was never covered again and it was very hard for them to catch up as they would lose up to three weeks per term. Caroline lives with her Aunt who was so pleased that her niece was in receipt of proper protection that she wished she could meet with Sage in Kenya because they had saved her from a certain burden that she could not afford and she wanted to thank them. Caroline is now studying at Lions High School but went to St Marks Primary School in the Nyabera slums. She was one of our very first students to receive help from Sage in Kenya. She wants to become a lawyer and is studying hard to achieve her goal