Christmas SAGEinKENYA Newsletter 2017

Dear SAGEinKENYA Supporter            
As another year draws to a close and before we start to think about the challenges of the year ahead, it is a good time to reflect on our achievements over the year. First and foremost a BIG thank you for your continued support and encouragement without which we could not have achieved anything.
During the year we engaged with 16 schools across western Kenya, regularly supplying sanitary products to over 850 girls. With help from our partners, ZanaAfrica, we were able to support a further 800 girls for the last academic term to December 2017.Our programme is not just about providing sanitary products but each month we also provide a health talk along with one to one psychosocial support and counselling. Over 200 girls have been helped in this way.
Sadly our partnership with ZanaAfrica has come to an end as they focus on other projects and we express our sincere gratitude to them for supporting SAGEinKENYA over the last few years. Our short term challenge is to fill the gap in funding that we need (£300 a month) so we can maintain our current level of activity.
Because of the uncertainties surrounding the presidential elections, we were unable to visit Kenya this year but Dave and Lesley plan to go during 2018 when things settle down politically.  Nevertheless, the wonders of “Whatsapp” means Dave is in regular contact with James in Kenya.
During the year we had 2 successful fund raising events – our regular “curry night” in April and our first “afternoon tea” in November. Both events were well attended by over 70 people and raised over £2700. We expect to repeat these during 2018 so watch out for the dates. For the future we still retain the vision to be able to support 2000 girls each month in 20 schools. With your help and continued support and additional support we hope to generate we believe we can achieve this. If you haven’t already seen it, have a look at the short video we have produced – follow the link on the website or on our Facebook page, sageinkenya.
Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.
From the Trustees