Grant from "World Day of Prayer"

Thank you to "World Day of Prayer" which is a women led, global, ecumenical movement, for a grant of £3000 which will enable SAGE to partner with three additional schools in the Kisumu area when the next academic year commences in 2020 (January - November). This will enable about 300 disadvantaged girls to attend schoo lon a daily basis and ensure that they will be able to sit the all important Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exams during November. Normally if girls are menstruating during the exam week and are unable to access sanitary towels, then they tend to miss the exams and leave primary school with no qualifications.

"World Day of Prayer" award grants to Christian charities worldwide, helping girls and women to access education, clean water, local clinics, learn new skills that will help them to find employment and help their families. This is the amazing idea of women in the United Kingdom helping women whose lives can be difficult. "All around the world countries are suffering the same social and environmental problems, and people from many nations are now realising they should be concerned about the well being of their country and of the planet".

The Theme for 2020 is "Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk" and is based on Zimbabwe.

"Many rural households are headed by women, since husbands often migrate to towns to find work, and young people leave their villages for neighbouring African countries or elsewhere in the world. Because of a complex interplay of economic ,social and historical factors, women and girls often face systematic disadvantage, especially those who are poor, live in rural areas or are from particular social groups. They face barriers to education, early marriage, poor gynaelogical and obstetric provision, violence in the home and legal discrimination regarding family law".

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