Joyland - school of the month

SAGEinKenya is now working in 15 schools across the western part of the country and each month we want to showcase one school to demonstrate the impact we have.

We are starting with Joyland Special School for children with special needs.

With the support of a Canadian Organisation, SOCKS Canada over the last 2 years, we have taken our education and sanitary programme into the school which, as a result, has seen significant improvements in attendance and educational attainment. 

Joyland was opened in 1974 by the Salvation Army in Kisumu and is a mixed boarding school with a population of over 240 students from Early Childhood Development stage to Grade 8 (ages 5 – 14) – the end of primary education.

Within the student population there has been around 40 girls who are having periods and each month SAGEinKenya has provided them with 2 packets of sanitary towels and 2 pairs of underwear. Although of mixed ability, each girl has responded positively in their own way to the talks we give, meeting their individual needs and situations. 

Our Project Officer in his last report on Joyland said, in relation to the month’s topic on sex and sexuality, “This topic revived some of the worst memories in some of the girls, having been sexually abused by the people they trusted. It became more of a therapeutic session than interactive as we sought to help some of the girls come to terms with what had happened to them.”

The Head Teacher, Mr Arthur Ayoti McOnyino, says “I sincerely appreciate your kind donations of sanitary towels for our girls. Before you started coming to our school we used to experience a number of young girls who dropped out of school, thus reducing the number of our enrolled pupils. Thank you and we hope that you will continue to support our school.”