Red Poll cows coming to Tatro Primary School

My name is Ruth Barnes and I am writing to ask you all something special.  This year I went to Kenya with my parents to help with the work of SAGEinKENYA.   Whilst we were visiting Tatro Primary School, Mum (Sarah Barnes) noticed that the head teacher had a 10 year plan of 10 items on his office wall.  A couple were crossed off but item number six was two cows.  Mum, being a bit nosey, asked why the school wanted two cows.  The answer was simple, he wanted to give his youngest children milk.  You see, Tatro School  is in a rural area of Kenya and the families are very poor.  Gabriel, the headmaster, feeds his pupils otherwise they are too hungry to learn.  The school is thankfully on a vast plot of land so Gabriel already grows maize and beans and also farms fish to feed the pupils.  

Mum and I put our thinking caps on; being farmers we wanted to help.   A few emails later to James Brooks (a Red Poll breeder in Kenya) and we had confirmation that he could supply us with two in-calf Red Poll heifers at a cost of £1,250, his farm manager comes from the Siaya region, where the school is, so he knows the cattle will be well suited to the area. So here guys is where you come in!

I wondered if you would like to donate money towards getting Tatro School their cows - Red Poll cows!  The charity of which Mum and Dad are trustees are happy to administer the financial side and will keep monthly contact with the cattle. The school has plenty of year round grazing for the cattle and Mum and Dad have said they will underwrite any vet and medical costs. 

To donate please send cheques made out to SAGEinKENYA to our address, Hall Farm, Tasburgh, Norwich, NR15 1NA.   Or you can transfer money to the SAGEinKENYA bank account: 52108163 sort code: 60-07-47 with the reference RED POLL PROJECT. If you pay by transfer can you let me know please so I can keep an eye on who has donated. 

I’d like to be able to thank you!  If you let us know that you are a tax payer we can also gift aid the money to boost the funds. 

Many thanks 

Ruth Barnes