Sage has an immediate and lasting impact on girls’ lives

In February 2015, whilst visiting the 12 schools that Sage takes its programme into, we were reminded yet again of how immediate and effective the work of Sage is and how girls were now breaking the cycle and attending school when they were having their periods.

The African school year starts in January and ends in November – with the K.C.P.E. (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) being taken over 4 days in November. In October 2014 Sage started its programme in St John Bosco – Butunyi Primary School, a rural school near to the Ugandan border. The Head Teacher Daniel Sihalo explained that Sage’s programme had immediately raised the girls’ self-confidence and had enabled every girl in Class 8 (the final year) to sit the all important KCPE examinations. Previously if a girl was unfortunate to have her period during this time she wouldn’t have attended school or sat the exams. This was to become a recurrent theme throughout all of the schools we visited.

Girls seek out Sage schools

Head Teachers also explained to us that girls from neighbouring primary schools were joining their school in Class 8 as they knew that Sage took its programme into the school – and that they would receive sanitary towels and underwear each month – enabling them to attend school. Head Teacher Alice Okaya, Khunyangu Primary, said “The girls realise that someone is “for them” – Sage,” Alice piloted Sage’s programme in 2010 and the number of students in her school has risen from:

2007 – 576
2014 – 928
2015 – 1120

Girls are now high fliers

Academically girls are now reaching their full potential. Historically the majority of the top 10 students in each school were boys; this is now changing with 6 out of the top 10 being girls. Once the girls are able to access all of their education then their marks improve dramatically. Read Sharon and Caroline success stories to see the reality of this.

Girls have the freedom to participate in sport

Girls can now freely participate in P.E. and sport- because Sage has provided them with sanitary towels and underwear- without feeling embarrassed. As the girls consistently told us, nobody (i.e. the boys) know when they are having their periods and this gives them an unexpected sense of freedom in their lives.

All this for a mere £2 a month per girl – less than a cup of coffee in the UK. Many girls have gone on to High School and have realistic dreams, hopes and expectations for their lives….thanks to you and Sage’s “Break the Cycle” campaign. In 2015 we are aiming to help 2015 girls to attend school when they are having their periods. Can you support one of these girls on a monthly basis? £2 a month is life changing.