Sage in Kenya goes to Serbia

During a recent visit to Nis, the 3rd largest city in Serbia, we were asked to give a talk about the work of the charity to a small group of people. We were able to use a Power Point presentation which helped to show the visual impact that the charity has on the lives of the girls. 

At the end of the presentation a man came up to us and gave us 2000 dinars and a 10 euro note, the equivalent of £20, this was more than 10% of his small monthly wage. He then told us that he had spent time in 8 refugee camps as a result of the conflicts and war in the are and how difficult life had been for him, his mother and his brothers. Eventually he had been allowed to settle in and live in Serbia and had managed to find work there. Listening to the presentation affected him deeply as he could relate to the problems of being poor and struggling to make ends meet.

It was a very emotional and humbling experience.