SAGEinKENYA's achievements in 2016

SAGE has continued to consolidate its position in Kisumu and Western Kenya and has earnt the respect of numerous organisations including ZanaAfrica, Fountain Youths, Generation Guiders, Florida Counselling Centre, the National AIDS Control Council and Government of Kenya, to name a few.

•SAGE enables over 850 girls in 16 schools to continue their education on a daily basis, with attendance just falling short of 100%. The impact of this was clearly seen in the final examinations where, in nearly all of the schools, the standards that the girls are achieving has risen dramatically. Girls are now able to compete on a level “playing field” with the boys and are now numbered in the top 10 students in every school.

•SAGE continues to be instrumental in the campaign to change the girls’ future for the better, enabling them to make positive changes as a result of the regular health talks that they receive from SAGE. Only 2 girls, out of the 850 on the programme, had to drop out of school due to pregnancy.

•On a practical level. SAGE distributed 20,665 packets of sanitary towels and 10,337 pairs of underwear to the girls

•It is important that SAGE’s educational programme is extended beyond the girls. Several of the monthly sessions include the boys so that they can understand the physical and emotional changes that the girls experience. Working with other partners, SAGE has helped to deliver a seven day “Parenting Skills” course to over 500 parents of teenagers who live within the slums around Kisumu City.

•SAGE has been able to counsel and support 194 girls, referring them to professional agencies when necessary.

•The local Mount Kenya University of Kisumu was delighted that SAGE was able to accept another intern for a 3 month work placement.


What are the challenges for 2017?

•SAGE is currently working in 16 schools, its aim is to work in 20 schools.

•To be able to provide sanitary towels and underwear, along with education, to every menstruating girls within these 20 schools, regardless of her age or year group.

•To continue to build links with other organisations in Kisumu and further afield.

•Visiting rural schools always raises issues with local transport, especially during the rainy season.