Schools Report

We have just completed our second term of the academic year in the 16 schools we take our project into and if we were to be assessed by the staff of the schools we would be given an "excellent progress" report with the plea "could do more."  Our response would be, we would love to do more, helping every menstruating girl in the school, but it's a matter of financial support.

Our challenges this term amongst the girls has been:
- unwanted pregnancies, early marriage and abuse by family members- particular to the rural schools, and
- drug and substance abuse, underage sexual activity leading to prostitution - particular in schools in the urban/suburban and slum areas.

Our response, through our educational programme is to help.

Can you help us "do more" by pledging £2 a month or more to keep one or more girls in school during the next term?

Would you like to use a pit latrine when you are menstruating?