Changing Lives

Through the simple act of supplying sanitary towels, Sage in Kenya is changing the lives of hundreds of girls whose education would otherwise of been hindered. Giving girls the ability to attend school regularly during the critical time of working towards their KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) means they have a good chance of securing a place at High School. Without Sage in Kenya's help, their education could end when they leave primary school.

Sharon Anyango

Sharon was one of the first girls to be involved with the programme. Alice, her head teacher at Khunyangu Primary School, told us about Sharon who attributes her graduating with high enough KCPE results to go onto secondary school to the work of SAGE.

On our recent visit to the Busia region we met with Sharon at her school, Sharon is a bright and beautiful young lady with hopes of becoming a lawyer. She told us that “If SAGE had not been coming into my primary school I could have just dropped out, life was very hard when I was experiencing my periods. I would stay away from school for 3-4 days but SAGE came and because of them they have made it possible for me to be where I am today.”

Caroline Kamwaka

Caroline, who went to St Marks Primary School in the Nyabera slums, was one of our first students to receive sanitary towels four years ago. “Buying sanitary towels is hard when you have very little money. I used to use old cloths but this caused health problems. When SAGE came along I felt like I had been rescued from a burden.” Caroline now attends Lions High School and hope to become a lawyer.

Sharon Adhiambo

Sharon went to the same school as Caroline - St Marks Primary School and received sanitary towels four years ago as one of our very first students. Sharon is now in her last year of secondary school and is working very hard to achieve her goal of becoming an accountant.

“Having proper sanitary towels helped me a lot. Let’s say when I was using pieces of cloth I was worried that I might stain my dress, but when I had sanitary towels I could concentrate in class. This helped with my education and that’s why I got better marks.”

Sarah Adhiambo

Her daughter recently graduated from Nanga Primary School and will be going onto secondary school.

“It’s really difficult to find the funds to buy sanitary towels so my daughter felt like she was a burden to me by asking for what I could not afford, but because of SAGE she was free.

Julius Okal

Julius is a single father of two, the mother died when the children were young. His daughter has just started secondary school and hopes to become a nurse. “It’s really hard for me. I am on a low income so I had to weigh between buying food and buying sanitary towels. We have to eat so my daughter had to stay home whilst she was experiencing her period for 3-4 days. The programme really helped my daughter to stay in school and get good marks”

Reverend Adam Okech - Deputy Head teacher of Anyiko Primary School

This is a new school for SAGE and has only been running the programme for two months - the last two months of the school year in the run up to the KCPE.

“It has made a very great difference to the self esteem and the attendance of the girls. Before they were using dirty old cloths and blankets. The impact was almost immediate, not only through the supply of the sanitary towels but also the monthly lessons delivered by SAGE. As a result of the girls attending school regularly for the two months before taking their KCPE the average score went from 223 in 2013, to 250 in 2014. Just imagine the difference a whole year can make.”