“You have made me free to be a girl”

This is just one quote from the many girls we are helping and eloquently sums up what our schools programme means to the girls.

During 2019 we distributed over 16,500 packets of sanitary towels and over 6,500 pairs of underwear to over 1000 girls from 12 schools. Each girl is given one pair of underwear and 2 packs of sanitary towels each month free of charge. Without the financial help of supporters both here in the UK  and Kenya itself, we could not have achieved this amazing feat and made such a difference to so many girls’ lives.

We want to build on this success and have set ourselves a target of supporting 2,000 girls regularly from 20 schools. To do this effectively we need to secure regular giving of just over £4000 per month. For only £100 a month we can add another school or year group to our programme. You can help us achieve our goal by getting involved through:

Donating yourself 

For £5 per month you could support one girl through our programme each month.

Tell Friends and Family

If you are excited by our project, tell your friends and family and encourage them to get involved


Organise a fundraising event – perhaps with your local school



As a SAGE in KENYA supporter we will keep you regularly updated on our progress.

Many of the girls we help face a challenge when they succeed in getting a good grade in their KPCE and secure a place in a High School. Secondary education is not free in Kenya and we would like to help with school fees to enable some of these girls to continue their education. If you would like to sponsor a girl through High School, we would be pleased to discuss with you what that would entail.